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Edmonton city

edmonton city jobs

Edmonton is the capital of the province of Alberta, distinguished by the most fertile land in the west and the many resources of the region, the most important of which is oil, where the nickname of the city " Oil city ". Indeed, many petroleum and oil sands projects are being launched in the zone, which also houses major mining operations, particularly diamonds.
The provincial capital of Alberta with its city of edmonton jobs and is also a cultural, governmental and educational center. Its fame has not usurped it because it contains the largest shopping mall in North America and the most important living museum in Canada.

Edmonton has a total population of 1,002,775 and constitutes one-third of Alberta's population, the majority of whom are Anglophone, while Francophones make up only 2%. The rate of activity in the city is 63% while the unemployment rate stabilizes at the threshold of 4.5%. On the other hand, wages are quite high in the city with an average income of $ 40,298.
The workforce in Edmonton is very varied and occupies positions in the various sectors of activity, particularly in education, which recruits 7% of the workforce, manufacturing 8%, construction 9%, health and Social assistance 10 per cent, retail 11 per cent, while the hiring start comes back to sales and services that provide employment for 23 per cent of city workers.
Edmonton relies on its development through oil production, logging, tourism and other sectors of activity that have been evolving positively for many years and which continue to offer many opportunities in the local labor market.

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Edmonton's economy revolves around its natural resources, including coal, oil, oil sands and natural gas, not to mention diamond mining. But it also relies on agriculture, trade and services which drive the local economy and the labor market. The prospects look good, especially as the metropolis relies more and more on the diversification of its economic sectors by encouraging investment in the manufacturing and processing sector.

Among the economic and industrial sectors that recruit most in the city of Edmonton are refining, petrochemicals, heavy equipment, metal processing, plastics industry and fertilizer production. Also added to the list are construction fields, engineering, banking and retail.
In spite of the considerable development of energy production, the sector that recruits the most is the services sector and more particularly the commerce and information technology that have become indispensable to the economic structure of Edmonton. Given the orientation of the city the most sought after profiles are among the engineers, IT specialists and IT specialists, but also the candidates of commerce and finance.

The growth of the city is reflected in its economic health as well as in the development of its population and the unemployment rate which remains one of the lowest in all the country not exceeding the 4,5%, is the proof. With the new investments especially in the industry of new posts will be created and which cover many specialties and branches of activity. To follow the evolution of the jobs in edmonton or job market and the new offers launched by local recruiters, visit the edjobs.ca site, the labor market portal in Edmonton.